Targeted Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Premia to assist your organization.

Ceding Company Motivation/Structure

Premia can assist with changes in company motivation and structure.

Runoff Issues

Too much volatility in results, which impacts market cap; management wants and needs all energy and focus on the core business.

Capital Issues

Capital constrained or need to improve ROEs.

Structure Issues

Define scope of the deal, how finality is achieved, (whether legal entity can be sold, reinsurance structure), staffing (whether to retain staff or outsource to reinsurer), accounting (retrospective vs. prospective reinsurance).

Information Requirements for Indication

Premia can assist with managing information requirements.


Independent/in-house actuarial reports, paid and incurred loss triangles, payroll and earned premium by state/by year/class code (WC), historical rate change (by LOB).


Loss runs, litigation reports, gross/net paids, claims counts by year — closed and opened.


Structures in place, ceded asset/underlying methodology, recoverables by market/disputes.